The Sorting Hat Protection League

Who's the fairest hat of all?

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The poor Hogwarts Sorting Hat. It only shows up for a few pages in each Harry Potter book (and not even that often in PoA!), and yet it is the most abused inanimate object in the series. It is forced to use slang, to Sort Mary Sues into Gryffindor or Slytherin, to sing non-rhyming and often repetitive songs, and even (rarely) to re-sort "canon" characters. It is argued with, thrown across the Great Hall, and sometimes ripped to shreds by Sues who are unhappy with their placement.

Hence, the Sorting Hat Protection League. This is a community for those who feel that the poor Hat may soon, indeed, want to eat itself because of all the Mary-Sue heads upon which it has been forced. Post good, bad, or ugly Sorting Hat songs, fics, analyses of characters, and quizzes. In fact, post anything, as long as it has to do with protecting the Hat from the bowels of its own... bowels.