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*waves her newbie wave*

Hullo, hullo. My name is Sabrina. I'm a big, big, big Harry Potter fan. I'm in the process of writing a Harry/Draco slash, and I'm going to use (and hopefully not abuse) the Sorting Hat. I've written (with my wonderful friend Erin, who truly did most of the work) four stanzas of the Sorting Hat's song. But I'm stuck on Slytherin. Damn Slytherins. So, if you could be of aid and look over this poem, and then give me some traits one associates with Slytherin, I will lavish you with praise.

hem, hem

The hat you see before you looks
Like nothing, more or less,
Than an old and battered wizard's cap.
You're surely not impressed.

But when you put me on your head,
You'll be surprised to find,
That though I have no eyes to see,
I can see inside your mind.

I may see you're a Ravenclaw,
You're brilliant as a star.
And with the knowledge you'll obtain,
You're sure to go quite far.

If loyalty, patience, hardwork,
And kindness are your traits,
Then Hufflepuff shall be your House
Where you'll meet your best mates.
(alternate line: Where you shall alway have a mate.)

Comments? Suggestions? Help? Thanks for your time.
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