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Psychotic Ginny-Sue Warps the Sorting Hat to Her Twisted Will

This report on the deleterius community has a psychotic Death Eater Ginny-Sue controlling the Sorting Hat, making it resort everyone in the school and being especially nasty to Hufflepuffs.

My resorting came around quickly. I was called to the front and had the sorting hat put on my head. Quickly I acted.

Listen here hat and listen here good. This is what I want you to do・I didn`t know that a hat could scream in pain but it did as I told it what needed to be done. As I finished it yelled out.


I smiled demurely. Where else would they have expected I went? Where I actually belonged?
The next morning the Sixth Years were to be sorted.

Granger, Hermione ・You do know you池e really too smart for your own good. I think you should go into Ravenclaw!・/b>

Let me tell you, the Dream Team were not happy.

Longbottem, Neville ・Idiot Hufflepuff!・/b>

Malfoy, Draco ・You know where you have to go. Stay there and don`t screw up Slytherin!・/b>

Parkinson, Pansy ・My my, we are the stupid one aren`t we Hufflepuff・/b>

Parkinson went to her new house in tears. It was sweet.

Potter, Harry- Oh yes, it`s the courageous Boy-who-refuses-to-die. You had a chance to do great things. You fucked it up boy. There`s only one pathetic house you can go to Gryffindor・/b>

How could of that stupid git gone anywhere else? It would have been too suspicious. There were other ways to separate him from support though.

Weasley, Ronald ・Now, how did you slip past my grasp in the first year. You`re really not too quick on the uptake are you. I know exactly where you need to go HUFFLEPUFF・ You little fool

The look on Ronald`s face was priceless. How much do I wish I could grin and smirk as all the beautiful Slytherins were. No instead I had to look shocked. Aw fuck. Oh well one day soon I`lll be able to show my true colors.

A couple of Slytherins and Ravenclaws had been put into Gryffindor, since poor wittle Harry Potter was now by himself. Seamus and Dean had been sorted out of their house into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. The Creevy Brothers had been put into Hufflepuff where they belonged.

It was nice to see the sorting hat had done what I wanted. I was now in the perfect position to bring Harry Potter down.

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