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Play by Live Journal RPG

Hi all!

I'm new to live journal, so if a post of possible interest is agasint your norms, I do apologize. But I saw a community of decent minded fan fic writers and thought I'd share and invite.

For those interested, my wife and I are starting a "Play by Email" or Live Journal game of Harry Potter, set in the 1930's and 40's. It will be a Role Playing Game so people are encouraged to take on characters, and write about events from their perspective. We thought that the live journal format would draw more interest, as well as make it easier to read and post. Unlike most RPG's this is meant as a Writing Group. Meaning that all posts are to be prose using all characters, not just first person perspectives etc.

We are still developing the community rules, posting guidelines, format for the journal itself and such, but welcome people to join the community and get started with us.

The reason we picked the starting date of Sept 1938 is that we also want to explore how wizarding world reacts to the war in the muggle world. In a way, Rowlings has said that the two worlds aren't that different, so we thought this would be fun to write about. It also frees us from having to worry too much about "Cannon" as most of the main characters aren't even born yet.

If you'd be interested feel free to join the Sorting Community and post about the kind of character you would want to write about. Once the "application" is approved, we'll invite you to the to the community for posting and writing.

As I said, we're still working up the "rules" and such, but encourage everyone to have a gander, and kick some ideas around. And being on Live Journal, anyone will be free to leave comments on how the story is going, share ideas on where to go, etc.

Feel free to check it out.
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